The Art Region of Texas (ART) Round Table was formed to further the Individual artistic focus of each NE Texas city/area, while enhancing overall artistic and economic growth for the region. As this group evolved and grew, we have become simply the ART Region of Texas and that is how we are moving forward into a nonprofit organization.

Meeting monthly to discuss each area’s artistic needs, and sharing cooperative ideas and projects, the “Round Table” has continued to better promote the Arts, and the Artists, of NE Texas. “Art Trails”, and interactive events, that highlight each community’s individuality and artistic strengths, not only bring local notice and success to the arts, but serve to focus the spotlight on NE Texas as a truly artistic region of note.

Working to bring increased success to NE Texas, previous successes have been built upon and coupled with a focused use of shared knowledge. With cooperative events, and increased tourism, comes economic growth, not only for the artists, but for all living in the area. Our rural region has many needs, but has much talent to help address and remedy these needs. The ART Region of Texas has as its “mission”:”to encourage enrichment and exposure for the region of North East Texas,—to further artistic and economic growth, increase the overall quality of life and reduce poverty.”

Some of the paths that have been chosen by ART to bring about these desired results center around Art Tours/Trails that show the diversity of our Northeast Texas area. To have something entertaining, yet different, at various stops along the way is important to the success of these tours. Theatre, Fine Arts. Hand-crafted products, Artists’ studios that are open to the public, Performance, Music, Art Demonstrations/Lectures are some of the artistic variations that make for a well rounded Arts’ package and the ART Region of Texas is working to make that available in our region.

By coming to this ART Region of Texas website, you will find not only “tour” ideas, but individual arts events, as well as, links that instantly let you sample a community’s particular “flavor”. We are all different,……we have our own “story boards”, but we share similar goals and one of those is to truly shine as an art region of note, while bringing a better quality of life to all. Come to NE Texas, enjoy a variety of arts events, shop, dine in great restaurants, and see the surprises we have to offer.

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