Hearne with Camera

Lindy Hearne - Photographer

Lindy Hearne, widely known in East Texas as the co-founder of the ‘Crossroads’ music venue on Main Street in Winnsboro and for his music and song writing talents,  has just  revealed a whole new facet of his creativity with the opening of an exhibit of his Photography on December 5th at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts (WCA) located at the corner of Market St. and Broadway in Downtown Winnsboro.

Hearne’s exhibit, which runs through January 22, 2011 at the WCA,  is a grand tour of his talent with the camera.  His subjects range from curious country cows and mystic country scenes  to butterflies, elephants, flamingoes and horses – each treated with extraordinary sensitivity and aplomb.  His compositions focus the eye on features of his subject which  might otherwise be passed over by the casual viewer, and bring out unusual beauty and vivid colors.

His images have been gathered from near his Winnsboro  area home,  as well as from locations visited while on tour around the country with his music partner,  Lynn Adler. 

The Exhibit features a wide selection of both framed and matted prints, and note cards, prices that are within reach of almost everyone, and a good selection of print sizes.  Certainly worth a trip to Winnsboro to see, as well as a good potential source for Christmas gifts.

Contact WCA at (903) 342-0686 for days and hours of exhibit availability