Scott, Roger

Roger Scott is a native of Red River County and has been carving for almost 30 years. Working out of his studio in historic downtown Clarksville, Texas he has produced many different forms of sculpture including people, western art, totems, wizards, magnificent eagles, cigar store Indians, ornate walking sticks, and a multitude of animals and tree spirits.

Roger works in wood and metal and his pieces range in size from just a few inches tall to massive sculptures reaching 6 feet or more!

All Roger’s pieces are one of a kind and as most artists he is particular about his art. He refuses to be limited to the whims of his audience but prefers to let the ‘tree spirits’ guide him in his endeavors.

Roger’s work is available for viewing and for sale at The Cupola on the square in Clarksville, Texas.

To learn more about this exciting artist visit his website at

Cromer, Suzann

P O BOX 734
Gilmer, Texas 75644

Suzann began painting at an early age and has continued to study various forms of art through apprenticeship and atelier programs and private instruction after having some formal art education at North Texas State in Denton, Texas. Her interest is now sculpting in clay with a primary focus on portraits and figures.

Having served as Artist in Residence at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Longview, Texas, judging art shows, giving demos for art societies and conducting portrait workshops in various cities she also does commissioned portrait busts.

Suzann strives for simplicity of form in her sculpture encouraging the viewer to contemplate their own interpretation and meaning. The human face and body are her primary sources of inspiration as they are her muse.

Suzann is currently a member of the National Sculpture Society of New York, The Texas Sculpture Association, Dallas, Texas, the Portrait

Society of America, Tallahassee, Florida, The Texas Society of Sculptors, Austin, Texas and The Sculptors of Life, Texas.

The following three videos are the Collaborage Project, a series of collaborative works between Al Moore, Suzann J. Cromer and Bonnie Sirkegian.

Algaier, Larry

Square Corner Artworks--the studio and gallery of Larry Algaier

Square Corner Artworks, Clarksville, Texas

Algaier, Larry
Painter, sculptor, potter
Clarksville, Texas

Larry is the owner of Square Corner Artworks on the historic square in Clarksville, Texas. Square Corner Artworks is Larry’s full working studio and showroom.

Meyer, Daniel

Life is a Road Author Daniel MeyerMeyer, Daniel B.
Artist. Author. Adventurer. Electrician.
Author: Non-fiction, Fiction
Artist: Watercolor, steel sculpture, digital.
Clarksville, Texas

Daniel is the author of the award-winning “Life Is a Road” adventure book series.

Life Is a Road, the Soul Is a Motorcycle by Daniel Meyer

Life Is a Road, Get On it and Ride! by Daniel Meyer

Life Is a Road, Ride It Hard! by Daniel Meyer

Life Is a Road, It's About the Ride by Daniel Meyer

Eye for the Road, a watercolor by Daniel Meyer

Eye for the Road, a watercolor by Daniel Meyer


Quitman, TX

Skeans, Dorothy R

Skeans, Dorothy R
Clay, Bronze
Longview, TX

Sir Kegian, Bonnie

Sir Kegian, Bonnie
Marble, Alabaster
B&W Photography
Writer Poetry
Winnsboro, TX 75494

At the marble storage area in Marble, CO

Bonnie Sir Kegian at the marble storage area.
Direct carving in stone is not for the faint hearted, but since 1992, Sir Kegian uses this method shaping marble, translucent alabaster and limestone creating her favorite forms of nature: petal, leaf, fin and feather. Love of the sculptural informs her B&W photographs which she sometimes hand-tints with transparent oils.

Sculptures, garden shapes and landscapes allow her to tell her story. She is inspired by the South, especially Texas.

For a studio tour or to discuss commissioned works, contact:
Bonnie Sir Kegian—Hunters Moon Studio
Winnsboro, Texas
903/365-2801 or email her at:

The following three videos are the Collaborage Project, a series of collaborative works between Al Moore, Suzann J. Cromer and Bonnie Sirkegian.

Sewell, Thomas

Sewell, Thomas
Clay, Mixed Media
Commerce, TX 75428

Moore, Georgia A.

Georgia Moore has been sculpting in clay for over 50 years.  She studied under Octavio Medellin  in Dallas, TX, and has taught Sculpting and Clay Processes in both private and Community College venues.  She has also worked in metals, and has pieces in private collections internationally.  She opened her own Gallery, Bent Pine Gallery, in Winnsboro, TX in 1984.  On the death of her husband, Rod Lange, she closed the Gallery.  In 2004, after her marriage to Alder Moore, also a Sculptor, they formed Bent Pine Studios where they both continue to work.  Her work may be seen on their website.

Georgia is also a writer, with works in Poetry and short stories.  A short collection of her poetry since 1970 is currently being prepared for limited edition publication.

Moore, Alder L.

Alder (Al) Moore (Winnsboro) has loved 3 dimensional art all his life.  While in college, he spent three years studying jewelry making under Robert Winston, a nationally known custom jewelry maker on the West Coast.  After 20 years plus of part time work as a custom jewelry maker, he became involved in the computer software industry.  He retired in 1999 to devote full time to the pursuit of larger scale sculpture in clay, wood and stone.  He has won awards for his work in local, regional and international shows.  His works, as well as those of his wife Georgia Lange Moore may be seen at their web site and contacted at

The following three videos are the Collaborage Project, a series of collaborative works between Al Moore, Suzann J. Cromer and Bonnie Sirkegian.

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